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Tree pruning is the removal of some parts of the tree for some particular purpose. This practice must be done according to certain rules and with the right tools.

Tree felling

Tree felling is the process by which trees are cut down because we need to make space for the construction of houses, factories, industries.

Tree Transplantation

Tree transplantation is the operation that consists of changing the location of a tree and that it continues to develop normally. It is based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


It is considered «felling» of trees the fact of cutting everything from the base. The demolition of trees should be considered as the last option, resorting in the first instance to pruning


Maintenance pruning is carried out throughout the life of the tree. It consists of giving a review to eliminate undesirable elements such as: dead branches, broken or diseased.


If you are a nature lover and want to plant an ornamental tree in your garden, you are in the right place. We teach you the whole process of growing a tree at home and classify all types of trees, their characteristics and benefits.