About Us

We are specialists in treatment, maintenance and decoration of all types of trees, in any area in which it is located.

We Are Your Best Option in tree control.

Salgado Tree Service was founded by a group of passionate about arboriculture, who have experience in the care and management of trees, to meet the need for people specialized in the treatment and management of urban trees.

We are a pioneer in the execution of cutting-edge techniques within the field of arboriculture in Georgia. We have top quality equipment and qualified, certified arborists who have won competitions in different countries.


Our mission is the creation, design, maintenance, study of efficient and sustainable outdoor spaces with the environment, providing as added value creativity and innovation


We have all the services you are looking for for the care of your garden and green areas. We work hand in hand with individuals, government and business. We have the service you are looking for!


Mejorar la calidad de vida desarrollando entornos urbanos con consciencia ecológica que proporcionen, esparcimiento y cambien la percepción de una urbe, contaminada, y carente de cualquier plantación

The Best Services

Pruning trees regularly and correctly keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are different trimming methods for different tree needs, and at Salgado Tree Service you'll find certified arborists experienced in tree care.

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